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Welcome to the Benson area Nature Group web site! 

** Click here for details of the 2023 Photography Competition **

                                                                     Our mission - Benson area Nature Group has a big mission, to help celebrate,

                                                                                                                                                                           record and restore nature across our area. We want our villages to be permeable to

                                                         wildlife, making chance encounters with nature an everyday delight. 


                                                                                                                                                   Where we work - We work across the parishes of Benson, Ewelme and Berrick Salome,

                                                                              from the low lying meadows by the Thames up towards the chalk scarp of the Chilterns. And

                                                                              we work in partnership with other local nature groups including Warborough and Shillingford,

                                                                              our Thames-side neighbour.


What we do:

  • We aim to expand and look after our green network, both public spaces and the ‘green in between’, taking steps to conserve and enhance biodiversity.   

  • We run events and projects, connecting people with the nature around them and inspiring others to act - adults and young people alike.

  • We promote citizen science, keeping track of what’s in our patch and helping others to play their part. 

Our priority projects: 

  • Our chalk stream - planning and undertaking practical restoration and advising riparian                                                                              landowners

  • Our green network - promoting nature-rich green spaces, gardens, hedges and verges,                                                                    extending out into the wider landscape.

  • Our farmland and wetland birds - surveys to monitor trends and advise on habitat                                                                                      enhancements 


On this site you will find details of our programme, news, records from our environmental                                                                                 surveys, proposals and plans for future activities, as well as historical data. 




Visit our Youtube channel to watch some films about our green spaces and our work planned for them. More coming soon!

Benson Nature Group - YouTube


The content of this website is undergoing review. We are also working on plans for a major nature-themed event in Spring 2024, so please bear with us.  

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