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Benson Area Nature Group is a local nature group that punches above its weight. It has blazed a trail in community level delivery of outcomes benefitting nature. It has worked to create a local nature recovery network and support community engagement with it. It has built a solid reputation for getting things done, creating a strong profile locally and regionally, and securing grant funding to enable delivery of its published People & Nature Strategy.

The Strategy recognises the importance of good green spaces to communities. Benson Area Nature Group works with a host of partners to safeguard and enhance our green spaces, make them more nature-rich, create new ones, and connect them up for people to enjoy.

The Strategy has been in place since 2018. We have made good progress with our main ambitions: action supporting pollinators, looking after our chalk stream, and enabling access and enjoyment of green spaces. Benson Nature Matters highlights some of our successes. 

Our group has expanded to cover four parishes. We continue to work with partners and our communities to achieve the ambitions in our Strategy

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