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Benson Nature Group is working with the community and a range of partner organisations to safeguard and enhance the value of our green spaces. We want to improve the value of the ones we have, create new ones, connect them up and make sure that our community and nature reap benefits from them.


We have developed a long term strategy for people and nature that treats our green spaces as an ecological network. We have also identified a number of themes as focal points that reflect what is special about Benson.  These are Action for Pollinators; Spotlight on Benson Brook; and Access for people. You can read our strategy here. We have also prepared a summary of green assets in the parish which can be viewed here


This is an ambitious strategy, delivery of which will stretch over several years and will require commitment and resource from Benson Nature Group and the wider community.  Updates on the various aspects of the strategy will be posted here as they are developed. 

Our delivery plan 

During 2018, we have worked to develop a plan to put our People & Nature Strategy into action on the ground.  This schematic illustrates our priorities for the period 2018-2020 (Click here to open the PDF).



Our partnerships 

We are investing in developing partnerships with other groups in our community:


  • ‘Bringing Nature to Benson School’ aims to give children better chances to understand the natural world around them and to inspire them and their families to enjoy our green spaces. Read more here


  • Benson Garden Group has supported our 'Planting for Pollinators’ school project at Bertie Wests' Field with donations of crocus bulbs and pollinator-friendly plants.

  • We are working with developers in Benson to make sure that as our village grows, it makes space for nature and remains a great place to live. We provide advice on planting that will benefit pollinators (Click here to open the PDF), and we work to make sure that our new green spaces work for both people and wildlife. 

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