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Benson's Green Spaces


Benson has much to cherish in its green spaces and wildlife interest, within the village and in the surrounding area.  Benson Nature Group works with others to safeguard and manage these spaces for the benefits they provide for our community. 


We aim to take proactive steps to create new green spaces, growing Benson’s 'green network’ and making the most of opportunities to enable people to experience nature and reap the multiple benefits of high quality green space.  


Some of Benson’s green spaces are managed specifically for the benefit of wildlife, whilst others, such as Rivermead and Sunnyside, are managed primarily with recreation in mind.  Over time, Benson Nature Group will work with others to explore opportunities for enhancing the natural beauty and wildlife interest in these places too.  In line with our People and Nature Strategy, this could include installations such as bee hotels and bird boxes, and the planting of wildflower strips.  


We encourage residents and visitors to explore these sites, which form a network of green spaces in and around the village.

Below is a YouTube video showing many of the current Benson green spaces that can be seen on the map above

What does the future of Benson’s green network look like?  Working with the Parish Council, the Neighbourhood Plan Delivery team and developers, we expect to see our green network more than double in the coming years. This map illustrates the indicative location and shape of it. BNG provides advice on how to make sure the new green spaces are designed to be good for both wildlife and the people who use them.

Green Network Map.jpg
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