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Bertie West's Field

Bertie West’s Field is a unique component of Benson’s green network.  Left to the children of the village by Mr West in his will, its primary use is as a natural play area.  Much loved by the scouts, the field is open to all, though we do ask that people do not take dogs into the field. It is located just off the Littleworth footpath, and provides a lovely, slightly wilder, contrast to the beautiful cottage gardens in the conservation area.   There is a magnificent willow tree, providing great opportunities for tree climbing and den making. 


The Bertie West’s Field Working Group, constituted by the Parish Council, is working to ensure the site is properly maintained to develop plans for its enhancement.  The Pollinator garden at the entrance is managed by Benson Nature Group, with the aim of providing a place for children to learn about wild pollinators.  

Bertie West Map.jpg
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